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I downloaded several of the GameSalad example projects to try to glean some insight into best practices, and how those could be applied to my project to resolve outstanding bugs. Here’s a recap of the issues I was struggling with, and how I resolved them.

The solution was simple enough; instead of trying to include the collision animation, the correct way to do it was to destroy the actor in play, then spawn a new actor whose behavior was to perform the destruction animation. Add a timer set to the duration of the animation, then add another destroy and….IT WORKS!

Here’s a sample of what I’ve got so far – keep in mind that this was just an exercise to learn what was possible and not a complete game, so don’t judge too harshly 🙂 :

Next steps?

1. I need to make the player take damage and capture this in a health bar
2. I need to tweak enemy behavior and physics (they should turn to face the player instead of moving in the same direction) and shouldn’t bounce off the walls wildly when they hit them.
3. Game over screen (only applicable once I have a working game)

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