Development Progress Update, Week 1


Game prototype is 60% complete!

I’ve begun coding the basic features of game, starting player control. This is the most important piece as the majority of the time spent in-game will be centered on movement and exploration.

I’ve coded it to utilize both Keyboard and Gamepad support (should I elect to port this to Xbox Live, PlayStation 3 & 4). The next piece will be getting the trap mechanic working, followed by Enemy AI (which are my goals for next week).

What I’ve Completed This Week


  • Basic platform physics (gravity, collision, one-way platforms)
  • Player movement: left-right, variable jump height, drop-down*
    • Keyboard support (WASD, [space])
    • Gamepad support (analog stick and d-pad) – Tested on a Logitech F310
  • Sound Engine:
    • Walking sound effects play and change based on surfaces
    • Landing sound effects play and change based on surfaces hit
    • Sound effects use random variable pitch to break up monotony
  • Basic inventory array
    • Keeps track of what spells you have
    • Allows you to toggle betwen spells


  • Sound effects and music:
    • Jumping
    • Landing on normal surfaces
    • Landing on wet surfaces
    • Walking on normal surfaces
    • Walking on wet surfaces
    • Collecting currency
    • Collecting resources
    • Collecting spells/secrets
    • Collecting bonus items
    • Detriments
    • Lob
    • Two kinds of projectiles
    • Damage
    • Title screen BGM (Background Music)
    • First level BGM
  • Player sprite animations:
    • movement (left,right)
    • Idle
    • Jumping
    • Falling
  • Resource sprite animations:
    • Arcanum (currency)
    • Iron Nodule (resource)


  • Converted all .WAV and .MP3 files to .OGG (faster and smaller)
  • Registered the DBA (fictitious name) of my business with the state
  • Send an inquiry to the SSL provider to request a Code-Signing Certificate (required the business to be registered)
  • Updated the website to use SSL
  • Acquired GMS Professional (v1.4)  and the HMTL5 Module**

*I’d like to modify this to use a combination of the Jump button and down, but haven’t gotten that working yet

**It doesn’t work out of the box, and I have no idea what I have to do differently to ensure that my games will work when ported to HTML5. Submitted a support request 5 days ago, awaiting feedback.

What I’m Working on Next Week


  • Wrap up player movement (combination keys to jump down)
  • Complete trap placement mechanic
    • Movement of the trap ahead of the player
    • Spawn cursor corners, spaced to fit any size trap object
    • Spawn/placement sound effects
    • Placement coding with checks to verify place is empty (no stacking/placement inside walls etc.)
  • Begin work on enemy AI


  • Background textures artwork
  • Scenery/flavor object artwork
  • Continue work on BGM 2, 3 and 4
  • Other SFX as needed


  • Follow up on Code Signing Certificate
  • Follow up on HTML5 export module issues

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