Concept Art

I picked up a Wacom Intuos (digital stylus and tablet) today, I don’t have a great deal of desk space to work with, and am used to working on a small surface anyhow.

After unpacking it, plugging it in, and running the setup file on the installation media, I got it to work, but I noticed that everything I drew was squashed!

After a little troubleshooting, I figure out that I needed to configure the screen area needed to be adjusted as I have all 3 of my monitors linked through a TripleHead2Go box which allows me to treat them as a single display (handy when you want to run applications in 5760×1080 resolution :).

Once I adjusted the screen area in the Wacom utility, it worked great. I’m very much out of the habit of drawing, so I decided to start with something simple. I started doodling with big, roundish shapes, and filled in the sketch as a bulbous, bloated clown. I gave him scrawny arms and legs, and large, round head topped off with tufts of red curly hair. Here’s how he turned out:

V-Toad evil clown concept
Concept art of an evil clown character, first version to test my new stylus and tablet.

I will likely make some changes, perhaps give him a Jacobean Ruff and perhaps a hat. We’ll just have to see :).